Please note: Tracking may take a few days before beginning to update. Tracking numbers are often assigned at the beginning of package preparation.

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Average Shipping Times

Economy Shipping
USA/Free Shipping Countries: 8-16 days
Other International: 21-40 days
On a rare occasion, please allow an extra 4-7 days to account for variables in transit and carrier delays.

Standard Shipping:
USA: 4-10 days
Canada: 7-10 days

Each item's product page indicates its estimated shipping time.

All factory-direct items from overseas are handed off to USPS, Canada Post, or your country's mail carrier when departing their origin country, which ensures a timely delivery.

Common Status Meanings

Acceptance: The parcel has received its first physical scan and is entered into the destination carrier (i.e. USPS) and partner carrier's tracking systems. The tracking of this item has officially begun.
Origin Post is Preparing Shipment: Common for factory direct items which originate overseas. During this phase, the destination carrier (i.e. USPS) and the originating postal service are both tracking and sharing responsibility for this package. It is about to be handed over to the destination carrier.
Processed Through Facility: Rather self-explanatory in most cases, however when combined with the previous status, the destination carrier (i.e. USPS) has taken possession of the parcel. Occasionally, the two updates may occur together and appear out of order, however "Processed Through Facility" is a departure scan.

"Delivered By" Dates

Please keep in mind that "Delivered By" dates are an estimate provided by the carrier and are subject to change. A number of factors encountered during transit can cause a package to miss its estimated delivery date, or even be delivered earlier.

Tracking Updates

We send an automated tracking update once your item is en route. You may subscribe to further tracking updates or change where they are sent by entering your e-mail address and/or mobile number in the box above. You can unsubscribe from these updates at any time by using the link at the bottom of each message.

More Information

Please refer to our shipping information page for additional information.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee, return policy and procedures for returns are available on our Store Policies and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

Customer Service

For order or shipment questions please submit a same-day support ticket. We will research your shipment and answer any questions you have promptly.